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Ace the Interview

  • Do you need to be better prepared to articulate the value you bring to potential employers?

  • Are you struggling to translate the skills and experience from one sector or role to something new?

  • Are you launching a solopreneur or contractor service and need to be able to win clients?

  • Do you need a powerful elevator pitch, LinkedIn profile and resume for your job search?

  • Do you struggle to explain technology or expertise to recruiters who might not be experts in your field?

  • Do you need to present yourself more powerfully and consistently, including online?

  • Do you want to be more successful at networking?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, we can help you.

Objectives of Ace The Interview Program

Our program will help you meet the following objectives:

Understand and describe your personal brand and supporting evidence.

Create the perfect elevator pitch, bio, LinkedIn profile and resume.

Create an effective networking strategy, and develop the skills you need to implement it.

Ace any interview, 

pitch, or other

question-and-answer format opportunity.

Learn life-changing speaking skills - present powerfully in front of groups or one on one

Meet The Trainers

Jana new headshot 1.jpg

Jana Lynne Sanchez

Jana Lynne Sanchez is a seasoned communications consultant with Leadership Forum LLC, and a trusted advisor to senior executives, high-profile authors and organizations across Europe and the US.

She helps leaders define and amplify their brands. She is valued for her ability to coach leaders to communicate persuasively and to control their own narrative in all their communications, written and spoken.

Jana is noted for being able to help others see and harness their own strengths and to bring that into their story to their benefit. She is able to synthesize complex and or nuanced information into compelling prose.

Jana has a demonstrated ability to envision, launch and grow new projects, business and concepts across geographies and sectors and works with individuals and organizations focused on making the world a better place.

Jana honed her messaging skills first as a journalist, working for Reuters and others and then later in public relations. She was the co-founder of a corporate and financial PR agency with offices in London, Amsterdam and New York and a former candidate for US Congress.

nEIL OORHOUSE_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Neil Moorhouse

With a background in journalism and corporate communications, Neil’s career has taken him across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. He now helps companies and teams communicate clearly and define their narrative.

After studying languages at Oxford University, Neil was a foreign correspondent, broadcasting from Cairo for the BBC and covering corporates in Amsterdam for the WSJ.


After more than a decade in journalism, he joined ABN AMRO, handling M&A, restructurings and financial communication. After ABN’s nationalization, Neil headed communications, working with the board to communicate the bank’s future shape. He then joined RBS, which also had a government bailout, running press relations and set up communications for the division created to sell non-core assets.

Neil speaks Dutch, French and German and a smattering of Italian. 

Personal branding retreat Julia image002.png

Julia Montgomery Brown

Julia is an experienced communications coach as well as an actress and filmmaker who has worked across film, TV, theater, commercials and voiceovers. She has filmed more than 100 commercials, as well as television series, soap operas, film and an equal amount of voiceovers.


Julia understands the anxiety associated with performing in high-pressure situations and translating that anxiety into grace and ease.

Julia started her career in finance working with Bankers Trust and then Soloman Brothers in both the research division and institutional sales. She is well versed in the pressures associated with conveying our optimal brand and truly owning our own power in a public forum. She uniquely combines her finance background with her skills from acting to create a full package of presentation delivery for the corporate world.

She has worked as a communications coach for the last decade, helping senior executives develop a stronger communication style that will have a positive impact on their business results. Her work has often focussed on top-tier financial and professional services firms to help them improve their presence for media interviews, important public speeches, pitches, town halls and one-on-one meetings.

Individual coaching or group workshop?

Modern Accessible Office
  • Explore your purpose, define your personal brand - who you are, what you value and the impact you have

  • Define your brand narrative, working one-on-one with a senior communications coach

  • Sharpen your brand and business storytelling by understanding what makes your experience compelling to others

  • Draft and revise your elevator pitch, resume and LinkedIn Profile with the help of the trainers 

  • Create your networking strategy

Day 2 / Session 4

  • Learn how to ace any interview by leading the conversation consistently back to your key messages. 

Digital Artist

Day 3
(Bootcamp only)


  • Learn the secrets to presenting your brand or any content powerfully to get compel your audience to action

  • Get hands on experience with expert feedback so you will always feel confident and in control when presenting

Day 1 / Session 1


Day 2 / Session 2 & 3




Get Help

To book a four-session one-on-one program or join a workshop, please email

All one-on-one sessions are with Jana Lynne Sanchez. 

Ace the Interview Bootcamp 

Our next bootcamp will be held Wednesday June 14 through Friday June 16, 9 am to 5 pm. 

The training will be held at TWIBC Center, located at 3115 Clement St., San Francisco between, 32nd and 33rd Avenue. The center is up a flight of stairs without elevator access. 


Cost of the training

The cost of the training is USD 2,500 per person. 

This price includes all individual and group tuition, study materials.


Participation limited

Due to the large amount of one-on-one coaching required, participation is limited to the first 14 registrants for each three-day session. 

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