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Two women participating in leadership coaching


Our coaching program is tailored to the needs of the individual. Typically, we begin with an understanding of the individual’s circumstance and a review of existing assessments. We believe in supplementing existing data to gain a full picture of the impact you are having. Data can come from individual assessments such as the Hogan Suite, FIRO-B, Conflict Dynamic Profile, Influence Style Index, EQi 2.0, MBTI Step II or any number of other assessments. And, data can come from 360-degree assessments such as Leadership Versality Index, behavioural interviews with key stakeholders and our own bespoke 360 process.


With an understanding of your preferences, capability and impact, we help you translate those insights into action and keep you on track so that real change is achieved. We focus on areas such as communication, executive presence, conflict management, organizational savvy, team development, understanding the underlying motivators and de-motivators and conversations with individuals throughout the organization. Coaching typically results in increased self-awareness of individual styles and preferences, enhanced leadership effectiveness, a broader perspective on the positive and negative perceptions of others and a new appreciation of your leadership story.

A young woman celebrating success through business coaching
Power Coaching
A power coaching session


Sometimes you have a quick need whether that’s about an important upcoming decision or an important conversation. This service is available for the cases where you need 1 or 2 30-minute coaching sessions to resolve a particular situation. 

For individuals requiring an immediate sounding board, a quick fix, advice on a pressing and specific challenge or circumstance, we are on hand. We provide a 24-hour turn-around by phone or VC with a coaching partner. We charge by the hour with a maximum of three sessions.


Leadership Forum offers a wide range of useful resources to help you advance in your career and grow as a leader.

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