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Public Speaker

Does this sound familiar?

You work hard and are good at your job. Sometimes, however, you struggle to explain to others - or to receive full credit for - the contribution you make.

Are you up for a big promotion, have an important client pitch or a job interview? 

Perhaps you need to work on defining, clarifying and strengthening your personal brand.

Personal Brand Positioning 

Minimal Office

Objectives of 
personal brand positioning

To help leaders improve their performance, we have created a program that will allow you to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand and describe your personal brand and supporting evidence

  • Create the perfect elevator pitch, bio, Linkedin profile and resume 

  • Ace any interview, roadshow, town hall or other question-and-answer format opportunity.

What do others think of our program?

"I made MD!

Thank you for your coaching and support. I know it was critical in helping get me over the line!”

“I landed the board seat.

Thank you for all of your support.”

"Huge and heartfelt thanks for the workshops. They were transformative. I only wish I had had this resource earlier in my career.”

part 1

define your brand 

  • Define  or update your brand - who you are, what you value and the impact you have.

  • Clarify your brand narrative working one on one with a senior communications coach. 

part TWO


  • Sharpen your storytelling.

  • Perfect your elevator pitch, resume and LinkedIn Profile.

part THREE


  • Learn the secrets to presenting your brand or any content powerfully to compel your audience to action.

  • Get hands on experience with expert feedback so you will always feel confident and in control when presenting.

  • Learn to ace any interview..





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