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Our mission is to change the quality of conversations, whether those are about strategy and insight, performance and feedback, team dynamics, conflicts and interpersonal differences or inclusion, trust and collaboration. In the end, it all comes down to how well we talk with each other.

Female business leader surrounded by colleagues


For ambitious employees, we focus on easily accessible tools/tactics to take control of their careers, ask the right questions at the right time, understand self-limitations, navigate the organization and deal with a full range of different styles and personalities along the way.

For teams, we focus on improving the understanding of individual preferences and perspectives within the team, increasing the levels of trust, helping teams have constructive fights and building a climate where everyone contributes to excellent performance.


For experienced leaders, what sets us apart is the dialogue we create among leaders and their organization, between peers and across silos and gender.


We use a variety of methodologies to stimulate dialogue and just enough theory to structure the dialogue. Each discussion is grounded in both world-class research and practical experience.

Dr Wanda Wallace conducting a keynote on business leadership


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