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  • How can I prepare for a difficult conversation?
    This is often an uncomfortable situation to find yourself in, whether you're an employee or a business leader. We hope you will find this handy checklist useful as you prepare yourself for a difficult conversation
  • How can I create a high performance culture through giving feedback?
    This is an excellent question. Giving constructive feedback is very important for improving motivation and performance, and is an essential leadership quality. We've created a comprehensive workbook designed to help navigate you through this process.
  • How can I tackle conflict, generate influence and build relationships?"
    Again, these are key leadership skills so we've created a detailed guide to help you develop tactics in these areas and achieve success.
  • How can I get better at networking and building rapport?
    Please refer to our workbook for tips and techniques for becoming a better networker, promoting yourself more effectively, developing your elevator pitch and keeping your network activated.
  • Which books and articles would you recommend I read to become a better leader?
    We've created a comprehensive reading list of our favorite books on a wide range of business and leadership topics. If you have a favorite book or author not mentioned on our list, please let us know as we're always looking for new additions.
  • Which leadership books do you consider essential reading?
    That is a tough one. There are so many excellent books on this subject, but here is a list of our Top 10 recommended books to get you started.


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