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We use cookies, which are compliant with the 2018 EU GDPR laws, to enable the functionality of our site and to prevent fraudulent activity. We do not collect any data or store data on you personally from our website. Our website contains links to external websites or services that we do not control. If you follow a link to an external website, you are encouraged to review the principles for processing of personal data and information about cookies that apply to the website in question.



The only data we collect is data that you or your company have given us based on the services you have asked us to provide. We manage all information provided to us by our clients in a secure manner to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data, considering the requirements of the service we are providing you and best practice in our industry.


We never sell data to third parties and we do not use data to sell our services.


If you are attending a program or being coached by LFI, we keep the information necessary to provide services to you. In many cases, we use personal or 360-degree assessments in the course of the work we are doing with you. That work requires us to share your name and email with our vendors who conduct the assessments. Each vendor is GDPR compliant.


Unless you specifically request us to do so in writing, we never share information about your assessment or your results with anyone other than members of the LFI team who are providing the service to you.


As a participant in any of our programs, we offer a free newsletter service to help keep leadership practices top of mind. Each month, the newsletter features a theme and provides 4 relevant articles. You receive a two-line summary of each article in an email, if you want more detail, click through to read more. You may opt not to receive this service and you may opt-out at any point. If you do not use the service for a year, you will be deleted from the database.


You may request information at any time regarding the data we have on you and you may instruct us to delete that data.





Kaiser Learning Solutions provides Leadership Versatility Index 360-degree assessment and the Integrated Personality Summary. Their privacy and data protection procedures are stated in the link below and are compliant with EU 2018 GDPR laws.



S4K sources and distributes content for our monthly newsletter. S4K is compliant with EU GDPR laws.

  • Participants are offered access to their services through their employers and as part of their employment.

  • S4K does not share information with anyone outside their company.

  • Their service is an extension of LFI engagement agreements with individuals and companies.


If you have signed up other contact persons for the S4K service, you may need their consent (at least if they are based in the EU).


We will comply with all GDPR regulations, so if a user asks us to send all registered information or delete her data, we will do that. Besides name and email address, we store data on user activity and on selected interest areas. We also use cookies.



CPP and OPP provide a number of assessments such as MBTI-Step II. The non-US site, operated by OPP is compliant with 2018 EU GDPR laws. Their privacy policy can be accessed at this link:



Hogan provides the MVPI, HPI, HDI and Hogan EQ assessments. Their privacy policy is stated at this link: and is compliant with GDPR rules.



Their privacy policy is stated at:

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