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PODCAST: The Guiding Voice - Getting out of your comfort zone

Host Naveen Samala recently interviewed Wanda on his podcast The Guiding Voice.

They had a great conversation covering:

  • First rapid fire/Introduction and context setting

  • Wanda's success mantra

  • The three core questions you must address to get outside of your comfort zone

  • How to create leverage and delegate effectively?

  • When to lean on the expertise and when to lean on spanning

  • How to build, enable, and add value to your team?

  • About her book “You Can’t Know It All”


  • One piece of advice to those aspiring to make BIG in their careers

  • TRIVIA ABOUT Comfort Zone

If you'd like to learn more you can watch the video of the interview here on YouTube

Or, listen to their conversation on Spotify or Apple Podcasts


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