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Spanning Leadership and Learning with Dr. Wanda Wallace

Interview by Jeff Cobb, co-host of Leading Learning.

Dr. Wanda Wallace, Managing Partner of Leadership Forum LLC, is committed to changing the world by helping people improve the quality of their conversations. As a globally recognized leadership expert, the Out of the Comfort Zone radio show host coaches leaders, conducts seminars and works with teams to improve their leadership capability.

In recent years, much of her work has focused on helping women “get to the top, stick, and thrive” and—as an extension of that work—the potential trap for both women and men who are perceived as “expert” leaders, a topic she explores in her book, You Can’t Know It All: Leading in an Age of Deep Expertise.

In this episode of the Leading Learning Podcast, Jeff talks with Wanda about the qualities of great leaders including the importance of quality conversations and the necessary mindset to be an effective leader. They also discuss her work related to women in leadership and what it means to be an expert leader versus a spanning leader.


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