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Top Ten Shows of 2020

By Wanda T. Wallace

As I look through the most viewed shows from my 2020 podcast guests, I find that my favorite ideas are not always aligned with the podcasts that get the most listeners. So here are some of my favorite’s based on the most important ideas that I keep coming back to.

1) Social Signals that increase influence with Sandy Pentland – 3//29/2019 – 4 basic human signals that drive as much as 80% of our communication. The research is fabulous and the ideas are ones I can’t stop thinking about. If you want to learn how to “read the room”, start here.

2) Teams That Succeed with Amy Edmondson 7/05/2019 – Amy has been researching psychological safety for decades. It has become popular based on Google’s analysis of what distinguishes the best teams. The concept is too important to ignore. This is the guru on psychological safety talking about what it means and what to do as a leader to create more of it.

3) Virtual Presence and Confidence with Suzanne Sena – 11/13/2020 – Great tips on how to have a tv presence in virtual meetings from someone who has been a TV presenter.

4) Winning Performance with Mark Gallagher – 8/21/2020 – Mark’s work is putting together a world class, winning Formula One race car team. While that may or may not be your sport, the insights about teams, motivation and winning are fabulous. 1,000 people work full time to produce a Formula One race team; it’s a big data enterprise and after each season, the team starts all over with a brand new design. It creates a far more interesting team dynamic that I had understood.

5) Staying Motivated in Tough Times with Brad Borkan – 8/7/2020 – I have never been fascinated with the Antarctic explorers the way some people are, but I found Brad’s stories and the implications for leadership in challenging times to be spell-binding. They have crept into my coaching on resilience.

6) Life and Leadership with Stew Friedman – 3/13/2020 – Stew’s life-long work on work-life balance has resulted in his unique process for helping people understand what matters most and how to make sure that what matters most is preserved. The process applies to everyone – leaders and families.

7) Remarkable Teams, Remarkable Meetings with Paul Axtell – 2/7/2020 – too important to miss. Paul is one of the best advisors I have talked with on how to run better meetings. These skills are more important than ever in our virtual work world. We simply must improve how we structure and run meetings. Great ideas for implementation in this podcast.

8) Getting an Edge with Laura Huang – 5/22/2020 – What can you do when you feel you are at a disadvantage relative to others whether that’s because of gender, race or just style? Laura’s research and ideas provide practical tips on how to turn difference into an advantage.

9) Through Your Own Lens with Amy Steindler and Andrea Howe – 2/21/2020 – We all need to see things differently, spark new ideas, change perspective, get more comfortable with the unknown. Amy has a unique approach to helping people do exactly that. Amy describes the process while Andrea, a client, discusses her experience with the process.

10) Radical Candor with Kim Scott – 1/17/2020 – Critical feedback from someone you don’t think cares about you is brutal. But when someone cares and doesn’t give critical feedback, we can feel let down. Kim explains why and shows how to have the courage to talk about key messages.

The additional shows that appear in the Top Ten list for 2020 in terms of how many listeners each achieved is a great set also. All great ideas and good conversations. Here’s that list, FYI.

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