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Webinar – a focus on the careers of younger women

Video 1 – An introduction to the careers of younger women.

Video 2 – A showcase of our “Sabrina” interactive simulation

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we invited women and men from across the globe to take part in our free webinar, focusing on the careers of younger women.

The introduction (Video 1) discusses the challenges that women have when they are making decisions in their career, even from an early stage, and the impact those decisions have on their careers as time progresses.

We then in Video 2, showcase our “Sabrina” Simulation. This is an interactive simulation, that allows you to make decisions in “Sabrina’s” career, and shows you the direct results of those decisions, and how they are perceived by others.

When we implement this in the workplace, the focus is on working collaboratively, so you can discuss with your team what “Sabrina” should do in each scenario, and see what impact collaborative thinking has on “Sabrina’s” career.


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