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Webinar Series: Leadership in Times of Crisis – “Managing Conflict in Times of Crisis.”

Full video from 'Leadership in Times of Crisis' webinar: Managing Conflict in Times of Crisis; You are both right!

Trying times call for strong leadership – leadership that can offer hope, build community and see new possibilities. This kind of leadership need not only come from the top of our institutions. We all have the opportunity to step in and offer solutions at this moment of crisis.

Wanda T. Wallace Ph.D. was recently a guest speaker, along with Jen Goldman-Wetzler in the third webinar in this series, “Leadership in Times of Crisis”, brought to you by The University of Delaware, and The Women’s Leadership Institute.

During this webinar, Wanda and Jen discuss the pressures a crisis can create not just at work, but also domestically in the home. They offer practical advice and understanding of conflict and how to tackle it constructively.


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