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A Good Woman Is Hard To Keep! (Talent Quarterly)

By Wanda T. Wallace Ph.D and Annie Rodgers

If you ever need to illustrate the glaring lack of female leadership at the top of organizations, any number of statistics can help you make your case. Take your pick: Last year, only 25 of the Fortune 500 companies—just 5 percent—had female CEOs, and one has since resigned. Or how about over in the U.K., where a scant six women lead the 100 companies that make up the FTSE Index?

While this problem persists at the highest levels of organizations, the root starts in the early ranks. If we don’t succeed at developing and retaining young female talent, there won’t just be fewer candidates for c-suite positions—there won’t even be enough women to climb up the lower rungs of the ladder. It’s time to find the solution. You can read the article here.


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