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Diversity & Business Performance (CRF)

Diversity is a naturally complex area of role conflicts, deeplyrooted assumptions and paradoxes. For example, we show how organisations have to make judgements on the potential gains from diversity work but also, at the same time, trade off process losses and unintended consequences. It is difficult work for the ill-prepared.

We have identified barriers that hinder diverse practice and results. They include lagging career paths, traditional structures, dated management, unsupportive cultures, stereotyping, communications – and an inability of some people to navigate an organisation’s politics and networks. Sometimes a lack of individual confidence is key.

Many approaches and tools are offered in this report – ranging from a new CRF model of the diverse organisation with five levels of organisational achievement, to a chapter focused entirely on practical actions that members can use for seven aspects of diversity provision, and another chapter with three tools.


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