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Do you give effective feedback? (Changeboard)

By Dr. Wanda Wallace

Here are some facts to consider when it comes to giving feedback:

  1. 40% of employees report wanting to talk with managers about key topics – especially future-focused and development-focused topics. These employees are three times as likely to leave within the next twelve months. CI Group: Engaging Conversations

  2. The three intrinsic motivators of praise and commendation, attention of leaders, and opportunities to lead projects are more motivating than key financial incentives (67% to 62% versus 60% to 35%) McKinsey Quarterly, 2009

  3. Conversations about meaningfulness, choice, competence and progress are the primary intrinsic motivators for creating engagement. Kenneth Thomas, Ivey Journal, 2009

When managers give effective feedback, they are helping employees grow and develop careers; plus, managers are showing that they care about the employee. If you do not care about engagement and motivation, then you don’t need to give feedback. Given that we know how important it is. Why don’t managers do it? There are many reasons – some involve emotion, some involve skill.


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