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What can managers can do to create an inclusive culture? (Changeboard)

By Dr. Wanda Wallace

In the last few months, I’ve written here about what constitutes an inclusive culture, the differences between diversity and inclusion and the economic benefits of creating an inclusive culture.

Most managers ideally want to manage in an inclusive culture and intrinsically understand the value of inclusion. But often, their best intentions are actually counter-productive. Certainly, there are several things managers can do to create an inclusive culture.

The more important principle is that managers have to get better at giving actionable feedback to diverse employees – diverse mindsets, ethnic minorities and women. This is crucial because it’s often the case that these employees are more dependent on manager feedback because many do not have adequate mentors, role models and other supporters in the company. If there is no feedback coming from the manager, there is often very little insight being provided and the individual feels even less valued by the organisation. Read More


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